About Jessica

As a publicist, licensed real estate agent, wardrobe stylist, and actress, Jessica Ross possesses experience in both the business and entertainment worlds. Jessica developed an interest for public relations and marketing at an early age, and decided to pursue the fields during college where she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing. As a publicist where she has secured many prominent media placements including Entertainment Tonight, Forbes, TMZ, and TV Guide. Present and former clients include actors, TV shows, CEO’s, fine artists, directors, authors, psychologists, musicians, luxury homes, independent films, and fashion brands.

Her extensive wardrobe styling experience ranges from personal shopping to photo shoots and red carpet events. She has been featured on several outlets such as CBS.com and FrumFash, editorials she worked on have made the covers of Veux and Stardust magazines.

Currently, in addition to public relations, Jessica is the LA Correspondent for Live In Style Magazine and one of the lead cast members of Fashion Dolls premiering June 2017 on the Fashion One network. She also hosts a live show on WCOBM. Notable guests include Bai Ling, Julia Faye West, and the Nolan Twins.  Before that, she was a supporting actress in several independent films including the winner of Best Ensemble Cast at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

In her free moments Jessica enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, fashion, or getting out in nature.