Sharing my #Tuesdaytips with Team Happily

Happily is a community of thousands of Freelancers who, just like you, work hard, work creatively, and work diligently. But what about those moments when you need help to make your event run just a little bit more smoothly or when you find yourself in those moments when you aren’t sure what to prepare for? We are here to help! We asked and you replied, so here are today’s Tuesday Tips on freelance work.

• Take mental notes of what worked or what you think could have gone better and apply it to your next event. Try doing a personal review at the end of the event and make in depth notes while they are still fresh in your mind. @Alysee Shelton

• Start every event process with a brainstorming meeting. Discuss what the key goals of the event will be, then build a budget that reflects that goal. @Simmy Singh

• Talk one on one with your vendors at the event and say hello to them when you work at other events together. It can help foster great relationships and build a loyalty towards one another. @Teresa Stern

• Always consider the location and weather when coordinating an event. For example, when planning an outdoor event during the winter, even in warmer climates such as Los Angeles, it can get well in to the 40’s at night. @Jessica Ross

• Make sure all pertinent info such as parking and other FAQ’s are included on the invite. This will save confusion and time responding to messages. @Jessica Ross

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